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  1. Check out this Follow Focus! Wow! Really neat Engadget! 

    Also check out the 5D Mark II Team blog 

    They’ve been doing some pretty extensive testing on the in’s and outs of this product.

    See link: Video Test 4 - Okii USB Follow Focus Controller

    The Engadget article says its priced around $400 dollars but currently there is a 50$ off coupon available, check the comments for details!

    Anybody else tried this out with their DSLR?


  2. Love Jackie Chan? Love DSLR’s? Well then here you go! =)


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  4. Awesome tutorial from the folks over at on making your very own Helmet Cam!!!! This could come in SOOO handy for many different things! 

    Thanks ModernHuman! Looking forward to some footage!


  5. Always love articles from Caleb Pike over at

    This one last week about Using Depth of Field For Storytelling is freakin’ amazing! 

    Lots of good tips. And some great examples! 

    Thanks Caleb!


  6. For those figuring out whether or not you should go Full Frame vs. Crop Sensor…..

    Here is a good article by Tom Bonner over at about the Pro’s of using a full frame camera.

    Click the pic for the full article!


  7. Just got done checking out the B&H Interactive HDSLR Guide! It’s wonderful! Especially if you are new to DSLR’s. Just checking out the intro you can read about the history of the DSLR Revolution and how it applies to photographers, indie filmmakers, cinematographers, documentary filmmakers, television, event videographers, and visual Fx artists. Moving on, we get to learn about the camera itself, then lenses, then filters, well you get the picture. =) Once we’ve moved past the gear/rig sections you can learn about remote operation, recording audio, post production and even get some technique and video basics tips! If you’ve already have a standing love affair with these cameras there isn’t probably much new here, but if you’ve just started dabbling or are even thinking about it, this is a great starting place. 

    Kudos to B&H! 



  8. The folks over at DigitalRevTV are at it again! Cracks me up!!

    Pro DSLR + Cheapo Lens vs “Cheapo” DSLR + Pro Lens

    "We got sent a question asking us: What would be better? A pro DSLR with a cheapo lens or a cheapo DSLR with an expensive lens? Well, we thought we’d answer that question in this video by asking two very different photographers to show us what they’re like. We tested the Canon 1D Mark IV with a Sigma 28-300mm f/something and a Canon 550D with a 24-70mm f/2.8L. What produces better results? Watch the video to find out."