Items tagged "CAMERA":

  1. Be still my heart! A vintage inspired wood tripod! 

    Photojojo you complete me! 


  2. Walt Disney’s MultiPlane Camera! 




  4. Great blog post over at covering the best budget lenses out there!

    Click the pic for the full post!


  5. "How to be photogenic on film"

    Wait you mean there’s a science to this crap? 

    Oh WikiHow you are awesome!


  6. "Old Camera Houses A Webcam" New Instructable Tutorial! 

    OMG! How freakin’ sweet is this?

    Revive those vintage cameras and hide that ugly webcam!

    Thanks for the heads up Gizmodo!


  7. Very cool article about “The difference between your eyes and your camera, Or: What is the ISO of a human eye?”

    by Haje Jan Kamps


  8. Can’t afford lighting? Create some instead!

    Here is a great list of DIY Lighting Tutorials! 

    Covers: Making your own Lighting kits, reflectors, softboxes, light modifiers (snoots/barndoors) Grip, backdrops, tents, fixtures, dollies, stabilizers, car mounts, jibs cranes…I’m running outta breath there are so many great links!

    Check it out for yourself and click the pic!



  9. "Career Advice for a Young DP"

    Really Rad Article over at by Art Adams! 

    Great Advice folks! Check it out!


  10. New short film by Park Chan-wook (Old Boy) filmed completely on the iphone4! $130,000 budget! 

    It’s called “Paranmanjang” which is Korean for “Ups and Downs.” Park told reporters that the entire project was filmed on the small phone camera, from location scouting, shooting auditions and even doing a documentary on the filming process. The fantasy/horror short follows the tale of a middle aged fisherman who catches the body of a women and what happens afterwards. 

    Can’t freakin’ wait!!!!

    Click the pic for the full article by Jaeyeon Woo over at The Wall Street Journal.


  11. OneMoreFace, changing cell phone photography and video chat, one customer at a time! 

    Have a phone without a front-facing camera? 

    Here’s a little doodad just to make your life easier.

    Thanks OneMoreFace! Woot!


  12. OMG! Want one!!! A DORYU 2-16 Pistol Camera, a police-issue camera gun originally fashioned way back in 1952!

    The owner Ryu Koakimoto-san “says the pistol-shaped image capture device was used to photograph criminals in the act, as well as to record the faces of protestors (who will likely need to be arrested later).  The 16mm camera is equipped with a built-in flash system, a bullet clip that holds five magnesium cartridges and a C-mount (like the one used in 16mm movie recorders).  As you can see from the first photo, it can be fitted with a variety of lenses.”


  13. "MIT Laser Camera Sees Around Corners!!!!" Wicked!!!!!

    The camera works much like a flashlight that has been pointed at a mirror. When you do that, you see the light reflected onto another surface, or back at you, which is precisely the effect that Raskar and his team at the MIT Media Lab have accomplished with their powerful femtosecond laser camera.”

    The images are incredibly basic now, but Raskar and his team see huge potential in the areas of fire and rescue, the military and especially the surgical field, where he sees the camera being used as an advanced endoscope”

    Too cool!!!!!