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  1. Check out this Follow Focus! Wow! Really neat Engadget! 

    Also check out the 5D Mark II Team blog 

    They’ve been doing some pretty extensive testing on the in’s and outs of this product.

    See link: Video Test 4 - Okii USB Follow Focus Controller

    The Engadget article says its priced around $400 dollars but currently there is a 50$ off coupon available, check the comments for details!

    Anybody else tried this out with their DSLR?


  2. We’ve talked about building your own DIY follow focus a couple of times! Here’s a great article from THE BLACK AND BLUE talking about a few more!!!


  3. Simply FANTASTIC video going around right now concerning building your DSLR Rig.

    Thank you Phil Holland!!!!!!!!

    Oh! Make sure you make time to watch the whole video. FYI it’s about 35 minutes long. Trust me it’s worth it. 

    Phil has also posted the gear list with links on the Vimeo page! (



  4. Devin Coldewey over at showed us this bad boy from the folks at Swedish Chamelon. It’s called the FlyingV…..looks pretty scifi badass to me. What do you think?

    Click the pic for the full article!

    Swedish Chamelon Website