Items tagged "HORROR":

  1. "Attack the block!" Trailer! 

    I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE THIS!!!!!!! (Yes I used caps and multiple exclamations)


  2. Advanced Zombie Makeup Tutorial!!!!!


  3. "Last Call" Interactive Movie

    This is really neat! I have been wanting to do a “Choose Your Own Adventure” type interactive film for a while. What do you folks think?

    Last Call is the first interactive horror movie in the world where the audience is able to communicate with the protagonist. A film controlled by a member of the audience, thus blurring the boundaries between game and film. Language recognition software transforms the participant’s answers via mobile phone into specific instructions. A specially developed software then processes these commands and launches an appropriate follow-up scene. The dialogue between the movie’s main actress and an audience member leads to a different film - and outcome - every time: sometimes with a happy end, sometimes with a more gruesome one. To participate in the adventure, audience members submit their mobile phone numbers to a speed dial code when they buy their ticket. The moment the female protagonist takes out her phone to call someone who might be able to help her, the film’s controlling software contacts one of the submitted mobile phone numbers. Once the viewer picks up, he hears the actress’s voice - who tells him she would be lost without him. He has to help her escape by choosing a path through the old, rundown sanatorium. Furthermore, he also decides whether she should help other victims to flee the scene -and every single choice shapes her fate: it’s a matter of life and death.”


  4. All my friends know how excited I was to see “Monsters” at the LA FILM FEST this past year. I was even more excited when the director, Gareth Edwards gave a Q&A after the show and I found out he did all the special effects himself in his basement. BIG KUDOS TO HIM!  

    Here is a short video talking about how he managed to create some of the effects. 

    As a horror/sci fi nut and filmmaker to boot, “Monsters” is one of the most inspiring movies of this year, onscreen and behind the scenes.

    It’s currently been pre-released on Zune via XBOX. Seriously, go watch it now. 

    Happy Halloween Everyone!