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  1. "Counterbalance Your Life"

    Our friends over at Tapeworks Texas Inc are having a pretty rad “Submit A Video” contest.


    All video’s submitted must be 30 - 120 seconds in length and include the following:

    1. Must mention ”Counterbalance Your Life” in your video.

    2. Define what Counterbalance means to you.

    3. Must Mention “Libec RS Series” in your video.

    CONTEST SCHEDULE: Contest begins 02/25/2011 and ends on 03/31/2011”

    Winners will receive:

    3rd Place will receive a Libec TH-650DV 2-Stage Tripod System which includes Head, Pan Handle, 2-Stage Aluminum Tripod, Brace, Quick Relase Plate and carrying case. The TH-650DV Supports 6.5lbs
    Suggested Retail Value for 3rd Place: $239.00

    2nd Place will receive a Libec LS-22DV Professional 2-Stage Tripod System which includes: H22 Fluid Head, PH-2 Pan Handle, T68 2-Stage Aluminum Tripod, BR-1 Mid Level Spreader, and carrying case The LS-22DV Supports 9lbs
    Suggested Retail Value for 2nd Place: $550.00

    1st Place Grand Prize Winner will receive a Libec RS250 or RS250M system which includes RH25 Fluid head, RT30B tripod, SP-2B ground spreader or BR-2B Mid-Level spreader with FP-2B Foot Pads and RC-30 Soft Carry Case. The RS250/250M Supports 13lbs.
    Qty 1 ZC-3DV or ZC-9EX Zoom Control
    Qty 1 DL-3 Dolly
    Suggested Retail Value for 1st Place: $1,655.00

    Well whatcha waiting for? Go out there and create!