Items tagged "Longlost Pictures":

  1. Partners in Pretension Episode 4

    "How to ask Someone out on a Date"


  2. Episode 3 of Partners in Pretension is LIVE!

    "How to Handle Adversity" 

    Edited by me and my other half at Longlost Pictures!


  3. Episode 1 of Partners in Pretension is here!

    "How to Coexist With the Common Man" 

    Meet Angel & Dorian

    "Partners in Pretension is a web-series that follows the trials of Angel and Dorian as they attempt to profit off of the ignorance of the common man through how to videos."


  4. Episode 4 of Diary of a Wedding Planner is out! Ever worked in customer service before? You’ll enjoy this! 


  5. Pet Bytez Episode #2 “Pac Man Rules!”

    Starring Amber & Dee Freeman! 

    Educating kids and parents one episode at a time! 


  6. Watch:

    "The Fugitive" What do you do when your snake escapes its terrarium?

    First episode of Pet Bytez, an Exotic Pet Web Series for the Whole Family!

    Starring Amber and Dee Freeman!

    With Special Guest, Katherine Theresa Scott and of course, introducing Apep the Snake!

  7. Very excited to share Episode 3 of Diary of a Wedding Planner with everyone! Enjoy!!!


  8. "Take a Trip" Saint Peter

    We expect great things from you Dannie! Go out there and get them! 

    Music video we shot in two days with Director Jenn Page!

    Camera: Canon 5D   Lens: Zeiss Distagon 21mm


  9. Ta Daaaa!

    The long awaited Partners in Pretension Trailer is up! Get it while it’s hot folks!!!!

    (hot british guy doing the VO….just saying ladies…..)

    About the show: "Partners in Pretension" is a web series that follows the story of Angel Valenzuela and Dorian Blue as they attempt to navigate life after college graduation. Faced with unemployment, graduate school rejection and hopelessly out of touch with no idea of how to manage their own lives, the boys hope revenue from online how to videos will bring them the respect and money they so desire. 

    Full Season Coming Soon!



  10. Poster I did for our Exotic Pet Show, Pet Bytez with Dee and Amber Freeman! 

    Website going up this week! First Episode “Little Nibblers” Coming soon! 

    So if you got exotic pets be on the lookout for some great tips and tricks coming to a computer near you! 


  11. WOOT! The BIG Premiere of the Unemployment of Danny London was today! The creator and director Doug Cwiak is one really talented dude! It is hysterical!!!!!! Can’t wait to see Episode 2!

    p.s. the commercial in the beginning was one of first projects we got to be a part of when we got to L.A. We got to drive around for hours looking for a good way to steal a shot of the L.A. downtown skyline. Let’s just say we figured our way around that day. 

    A big THANK YOU to Jenn Page, our director and producer over at Luminave Films.

    A big shout out to Jerry Streeter for the use of his music.

    And the actors! Liz Brown, Rydell Danzie, Keith Johnson, David Burland, Christina and Skyla You all ROCK!!!! I love you all so much! 

    Thanks Doug for letting us be a part of it all! It was magic! 


  12. Happy Tuesday Everyone! Sunday was a very special day for me! A web series I had the honor of editing just released their first episode. So if you’d like a little wedding humor injected into your day check it out! This is a great group of filmmakers and self motivators! I couldn’t be prouder! 

    So without further adieu, I present to you Diary of a Wedding Planner!