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  1. Ooooh! Might have to check this out!!!!

    Adobe Audition for the Mac Available in Public Beta! Audition is the “all-in-one professional audio toolset for recording, mixing, editing and mastering” from Adobe. 

    "Adobe Audition for the Mac is based on a new underlying architecture, and offers a flexible audio editing environment for fine tuning single files or creating multi-track mixes. It also delivers sophisticated audio sweetening tools, enabling users to quickly transform problem recordings into usable soundtracks. By offering Adobe Audition on both Mac and PC platforms, Adobe is providing audio editors and video professionals with more choices for audio production. Adobe encourages creative professionals to download the public beta so they can explore the product and provide the product team with their feedback, at”

    Key features in Adobe Audition for the Mac include a fast new audio playback engine, native multi-channel support for 5.1 surround sound for professional results, noise reduction and restoration capabilities, and new audio effects including de-hummer, de-esser, and volume leveler. “

    "Adobe Audition 3 is available for Windows today for an estimated street price of US$349 for the full version, with upgrades available from an estimated street price of US$99. Details are available at:”

    What audio program do you use?


  2. Happy Thursday Everyone!

    I don’t know about you guys but I’m having a fabulous day so far! I got asked last week to be a guest blogger over at by the multi-talented Brad Parler! It was super rad having a chance to contribute something to the community over there. Brad posts really informative articles that filmmakers can get a lot out of and really encourages conversation within the community! Heck He’ll even give you his number if you have questions or need help. He’s the real deal people! 

    So Stop by, Say hello and Check out my take on the new iMovie “Trailer Feature’” !!!!


  3. So there seems to be a new product on the market for DSLR shooters and editors.

    It’s DVFilm EPIC 1. It says it brings real-time editing without transcoding to Mac Users. (or sony Vegas if thats your poison)

    From the site:

    DVFilm Epic I for Mac is a real-time workflow tool that allows you to edit DSLR H.264 Quicktime files in real-time in Final Cut Pro using FCP’s RT Extreme features, with no transcoding and no file swapping. It provides real-time editing, on practically any computer, without the tedious transcoding or Log and Transfer methods that slow down your workflow. The Epic I method is fully automated and prepares real-time playback in the background while you are editing. It works perfectly for the Canon 5d MkII, Canon 7d, Rebel T2i/550d and Rebel T1i/500d.

    Sounds pretty awesome. And at a measly 45$.

    Has anyone tried it yet? If so What do you think?



    What’s New!

    • You can now select the project and the sequence to be synced from a drop-down list
    • New option to create a Single output sequence
    • Replace audio feature for dual-system audio
    • Creates merged clips in a bin in the Browser if the Replace audio option is selected
    • Respects settings for locked track and clip enabled, allowing for easier “touch ups” of syncs
    • Stores temporary files in subfolder called pluraleyes_synctemp so they can be managed more easily
    • More online help for status and error messages
    • Use markers now provides a stronger hint as to how to sync
    • Try really hard is more reliable
    • Improved multiclip handling
    • More robust handling of large projects for Final Cut Pro 7
    • Several bug fixes


  5. An Affair To Remember

    Once upon a time I fell through the looking glass and into the world of HDV cameras. It was 2005. I sold my soul to the devil for a Z1U, FCP 5, and a Mac Pro Power PC.  Cue The Turtle’s “Happy Together.” I took him everywhere, all 6 lbs of him. I was in love. BUT, Alas this is not a story about my Z1U, even though the time when it and I and a canoe full of people tipped over into the Current River was pretty funny….well not so funny then…

    No, This is a story about a revolution or what some may say, a fad. The DSLR camera. 

    One day I found myself trolling the forums and watching with fascination the still camera for video experiments that were going on online. And it was experimenting at first. People were getting excited. It became an addiction for me. I wanted to know the workflow, the pro’s, the con’s, how people were making them work for them. My Z1U even quit talking to me. 

    Then I moved to L.A. …where the Wild Things are.

    3 months after I got to L.A. and 5 years after I bought my first video camera,  I went to Calumet’s and walked out with a shiny new black and red box.  Oh new camera smell how can I bottle you up and save you. All my other camera’s gave me the cold shoulder when I walked in. Amongst mutters of “Psshh. “Still camera’s.” & “I heard they overheat.” I pulled out my new toy. A brand new Canon Eos Rebel T2i. “Well hello! There you are. Oh and you’re so light. Oh and perfectly sized for my small hands.  Oh my and AND 24p? No no, you spoil me.”

    So what did I do with my new video camera?  Well  I took a picture of course.