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  1. "How to build a DSLR Cage" for 50$!

    Thanks Just Basl Productions!


  2. A test video from the folks over at on their STEAD-DSLR, “a Steady cam that doubles as a shoulder mount.” 

    Pretty sweet! And at a nice price too….$347….might need to get my hands on one of these bad boys! 

    Anyone else tried it out?


  3. DSLR Episode #10: $20 Dollar Shoulder Rig For HDSLR Use.

    From Caleb Pike. 

    Thanks for sharing Caleb! This might be just what I have been looking for! 


  4. Really cool video from a few months ago!  The Wooden Shoulder Rig is absolutely wicked! I have to admit my favorite part of this video though is how touching it is seeing the father build this for the son. Makes my heart warm up on this cold and blustery day! 

    Thanks Jonathan Clifford Bergqvist for sharing this!


  5. Simply FANTASTIC video going around right now concerning building your DSLR Rig.

    Thank you Phil Holland!!!!!!!!

    Oh! Make sure you make time to watch the whole video. FYI it’s about 35 minutes long. Trust me it’s worth it. 

    Phil has also posted the gear list with links on the Vimeo page! (



  6. Devin Coldewey over at showed us this bad boy from the folks at Swedish Chamelon. It’s called the FlyingV…..looks pretty scifi badass to me. What do you think?

    Click the pic for the full article!

    Swedish Chamelon Website


  7. ElSKIDBLOG Unveils his BEASTMASTER!!!! Freakin’ Crazy! Gimmie!

    El Skid, who always has great information on his blog, just released a video on Vimeo, and a blog post with pix about his “Beastmaster” A rig designed to get the shot on two cameras!!!!! Check check check it out! Click the Pic!! 


  8. 2010 HDDSLR GEAR VIDEO from VINCENT LAFORET! Serious Business. 


    Vincent Laforet has released a MAJOR list of gear on his blog, along with this great video of recommended DSLR equipment. This guy is not kiddin’ around. 

    It’s not enough to have a great camera, if you want to produce a professional product read his list and start saving your cash (I’ll be doing the same).