Items tagged "SCI FI":

  1. "Robots of Brixton"

    Beautiful film! A huge congrats to the team that made this!


  2. WOOOT! New episodes of SOLO the Series Coming Soon!

    Check out the new trailer!!!

    ZOMG! SO exciting!!! Grats everyone involved!!!! I can’t wait! 


  3. These are wonderful!

    Five Sci-Fi Children’s Books!


    I want them as posters! 


  4. All my friends know how excited I was to see “Monsters” at the LA FILM FEST this past year. I was even more excited when the director, Gareth Edwards gave a Q&A after the show and I found out he did all the special effects himself in his basement. BIG KUDOS TO HIM!  

    Here is a short video talking about how he managed to create some of the effects. 

    As a horror/sci fi nut and filmmaker to boot, “Monsters” is one of the most inspiring movies of this year, onscreen and behind the scenes.

    It’s currently been pre-released on Zune via XBOX. Seriously, go watch it now. 

    Happy Halloween Everyone!



  5. A few weeks ago I talked about what a extremely crazy fun event the 48HOUR FILM PROJECT is. This year we were extremely lucky to work with a talented group of people over at Talenos Productions (of Hollywood Wasteland fame, an amazing web series on KoldCast you should check it out now…..) Expect great things from them. 

    BUT FIRST for your viewing pleasure,  I am very proud to present to you The Method

    Made in 48 Hours (got it there with one minute to spare)

    Required Elements:

    Genre: Sci Fi

    Character: Jared Woodnit, actor

    Prop: Keyboard

    Line of Dialogue: “I have no idea.”

    The Method was picked to be part of the Best of LA Screening Group
    Winner, Audience Award Group E
    Nominee, Best Sound Design
    Nominee, Best Film

    Shot on a Canon 7D and  T2i.

    Lenses: Canon 50mm f/1.8

    Edited in FCP and Premiere Pro.