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  1. First Promo out for original show “Partners in Pretension”

    Admit it we all know those people, you know the ones who drop their SAT scores at parties……

    Want to see bad things happen to them?

    Partners in Pretension is a series that follows the trials of Angel and Dorian as they attempt to profit off of the ignorance of the common man through how to videos. 

    First episode Aug 29th! 


  2. Pet Bytez Episode #2 “Pac Man Rules!”

    Starring Amber & Dee Freeman! 

    Educating kids and parents one episode at a time! 


  3. "Scrumptious L.A. with Malia Miglino"

    Episode 1 “Brownie Cookies” With Special Guest Sheila Daley! 

    Super cute project I got to edit and create titles for!

    Thanks so much to Luminave Films and Jenn Page for letting me be involved! 

  4. Our Moby Contest Submission! 


  5. A shout out to the folks at

    If you missed NAB (like me) be sure to check out all the FANTASTIC videos they’ve been posting to help keep us noobs in the know.

    Thanks so much you guys! 


  6. Tonight is the premiere of our short film Brownie Points. It stars the very beautiful and hilarious Sheila Daley and the wonderfully handsome and hysterical, Ben Mathes. It was directed by the fabulous Jenn Page of Luminave Films and shot & edited by yours truly, with the very talented Jason Dubin providing the special FX. The whole team of people behind this film made this one of our favorite projects to work on to date. This was one of the first films we shot on our Canon T2i and we used a Canon 24-70mm for most of the scenes with an appearance by the nifty fifty 1.8 for a few low light shots, as we shot mostly with available lighting. I’m also very excited to meet one of the screenwriters, Matthew W. Bertsch,  who flew in all the way from Bedford, New Hampshire! 

    Brownie Points" is a romantic comedy with a lot of heart. 

    "On their anniversary all Jake wants is to give his wife Sandy the most romantic day ever. However, when he can suddenly see her happiness meter, pleasing her might be harder than it seems."

    I can’t wait to see more great things come from this team! Not to mention, not wanting to wait to work on the next project with them!

    So tonight at 7:30 at the Raleigh Theatre in Hollywood, we’ll see it, for the first time unveiled on the big screen. I’m so nervous I might throw up on myself. We’re sold out so just a warning, don’t sit in front of the girl with the blue polka dot dress.

    See everyone there!!!! 


  7. "New Marvel Cine Picture Style 3.x for Canon DSLR’s" (well from Jan 19th, but new to me)

    Marvels FIlm Production offers free download for a new custom picture style, that utilizes “the standard setting” rather than the Neutral I have been using.

    It’s less flat than “super-flat”, is less flat than the first Marvels Cine, uses 10 curve nodes, does not touches any colour and is based on the Standard style as a base, instead of the Neutral style.

    Exposure and white balance – special those of the skin – can be safely set using this new style if you judge these settings by eye.
    The new style can made more and less flatter by adjusting the Contrast setting. Even if contrast is set in the middle position (4), it’s still flatter than the usual way of flattening the untouched Neutral style (w. contrast on zero).
    The style is slightly more colourful than other flat styles, because it uses the Standard style as a basis.
    The Standard style setting is used as a basis for this new style, because the s-curve required this in respect to the skin colours – for colorimetric and exposure reasons.”

    I’m pretty excited about this one! Thanks guys! 

    Click the pic to try it out yourself!


  8. Check out this Follow Focus! Wow! Really neat Engadget! 

    Also check out the 5D Mark II Team blog 

    They’ve been doing some pretty extensive testing on the in’s and outs of this product.

    See link: Video Test 4 - Okii USB Follow Focus Controller

    The Engadget article says its priced around $400 dollars but currently there is a 50$ off coupon available, check the comments for details!

    Anybody else tried this out with their DSLR?


  9. Fun video from one of the members of our T2i User Groups on Facebook. Feel free to join us!

    Love the color! 

    Great Job Tim!


  10. Fun list of Color Correction Tutorials for your DSLR footage!

    Thanks slrHQ.Com!!!


  11. Couldn’t help reposting this from

    Tahrir Square, Cairo, Feb 1 2011 by Oliver Wilkins

    Shot on a T2i with a Canon 24-70mm f2.8 


  12. Love Jackie Chan? Love DSLR’s? Well then here you go! =)


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  14. Yes I’m a worry wart.

    Yes I have bad dreams about Dust.

    Yeah I said it, DUST you devil you! 

    So thanks to this fabulous video from thecreatorshandphoto I now know how to do a better job at changing my lenses in the field! 

    thanks for taking the time to make this for us noobs out there! Really appreciate it!