Items tagged "Tips and tricks":

  1. New book I’m ordering!

    "Writing Movies for Fun and Profit" 

    This review made it happen! 


  2. Poster I did for our Exotic Pet Show, Pet Bytez with Dee and Amber Freeman! 

    Website going up this week! First Episode “Little Nibblers” Coming soon! 

    So if you got exotic pets be on the lookout for some great tips and tricks coming to a computer near you! 


  3. "How to Work Together When You Don’t Work Together: A Guide to Winning in the Remote Workplace"

    From www.JohnChow.Com

    A great article for all the freelancers out there. Click the pic to check it out!


  4. Shoot live music or live events often?

    Check out this cool blog post from

    5 tips for Changing Lenses Faster

    by Todd Owyoung


  5. New episode of FILM RIOT out!

    Make your own China Balls and Dimmer!!! 

    Click the pic to watch! WOOT!  


  6. "Fixing the Blink on the Lilliput Monitor with a 5D, 60D and t2i"

    WOOT! Thank you This made my day!


  7. "David Mamet’s Screenwriting Rules"

    In full caps no less, David Mamet, executive producer of the The Unit, explains in a memo to show writers how exactly you keep people watching. 



  8. Larry Jordan announces the release of the first 10 of more than 60 Final Cut tutorials now available on his Youtube channel! 

    Click the pic to check it out! 

    Just love you Larry! Thanks so much!


  9. Great tips for recording audio from They cover the proper positioning for your boom mic (see above), how to keep your audio warm, and how to record successful voiceovers without a booth! Click the pic and check it out!

    P.s. Really though, don’t let audio be an afterthought, it’s so important. You might have a beautiful film but if the audio sucks the viewer will be taken right out of it. Editors can only do so much in post. Trust me. 


  10. Always a wealth of information from Michael Zhang over at He put up this little gem yesterday from Vimeo user Braxton McCarthy on how to use a rubber band (yeah you heard me) to get smoother pans with your tripod! I know a lot of people have been using this little trick for years but it’s new to me! Thanks fellas!