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  1. This is so wicked sweet. Producers rejoice! 

    "Fletcher Camera & Lenses Digital Cinematography Camera Comparison Chart"

    Complied with information gathered with numerous conversations with various cinematographers, colorists, colleagues and manufacturers. Please understand this is subjective. This is not a scientific collection of data. We have sincerely tried to collect the accurate information to share with industry and help producers make an educated decision on a camera and format. Please report any discrepancies to”

    Favorite parts:

    Notable credits (tv/films shot on said camera) and Average National Daily Rental Rates!



  2. "Power to the People: The Democratization of Film"

    Great article by Jeff Steele over at

    Fall Pillars Fall! =)

    Click the pic to read the full piece! 


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  4. A digital Holga? No way!!!!! Check it out!