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  1. "Power to the People: The Democratization of Film"

    Great article by Jeff Steele over at

    Fall Pillars Fall! =)

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  2. So Kevin Smith gave his final “FU!” to Big Bad Hollywood last night after his new movie, Red State screened at Sundance. He announced his plans on distributing the movie himself, allowing him to essentially do whatever he wants with his “baby.”

    KS: “What we want to do is, like, ‘Yes, anybody can make a movie,’” Smith said – at the tail end of a nearly half-hour long speech. ”We know that now. We know that because I’ve made ten, you know what I’m saying? That means anybody can make a f—ing movie. What we aim to prove is that anybody can release a movie now as well. It’s not enough to make it and sell it now, I’m sorry.”

    I have been a fan of Kevin since Clerks and fell back in love with him after his series of college tours and Q&A sessions.  I’m pretty stoked to see whether or not his business model works since traditional media distribution has been slowing down as online media becomes the consumer’s choice for ingestion.  

    What do you folks think? Is he shooting himself in the foot? Or is he a game changer?

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