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  1. Jared Abrams from Wide Open Camera has three more days left to raise funds for his feature documentary “The Board Of Education” about Corporal Punishment in American public schools. Jared has done TONS for the DSLR community, so if you can give back, even 10$ helps! I already donated, have you? Spread the word!!!!!


  2. My friend Ellwyn Kauffman went to Korea with his Canon 5D and his Panasonic GH2. Check out how the footage edited together.

    About the video: “24 hours with Joy Osmanski and Lanny Joon all over the Jongno district in central Seoul. May 6th to May 7th, 2011. We were there location scouting during the Lotus Lantern Festival and had an incredible time!

    Locations: Cheonggyecheon stream, Insadong, Gyeongbokgung palace, Sajik park, Jongno street, Jogyesa temple, and many points inbetween.

    Shot on Panasonic GH2 and Canon 5dmk II. Edited in Premiere CS5, laid out on the timeline in the order it happened.

    Lenses: Panasonic 14-140, 20 1.7. Canon 24-105L, Nikon 35mm 2.8, Nikon AF 50mm 1.8.

    Music - The Chemical Brothers, featuring Tim Smith. The pills won’t help you now.”


  3. Into motion graphics as much as I am? Or just getting started? Either way, check out

    Smashing Magazine’s “Ultimate Motion Graphics Tutorials Round Up” 

    Great tutorials all linked in one place! Thanks you guys! 

    Click the pic for the full article!


  4. Indie Action Movie Tutorials: Cinematography Part 1-Focal Length


  5. First Promo out for original show “Partners in Pretension”

    Admit it we all know those people, you know the ones who drop their SAT scores at parties……

    Want to see bad things happen to them?

    Partners in Pretension is a series that follows the trials of Angel and Dorian as they attempt to profit off of the ignorance of the common man through how to videos. 

    First episode Aug 29th! 


  6. "Open Letter to Canon" 

    Still has me laughing! 


  7. Pet Bytez Episode #2 “Pac Man Rules!”

    Starring Amber & Dee Freeman! 

    Educating kids and parents one episode at a time! 


  8. "The Phoenix Haboob of July 5th, 2011"

    shot by Mike Olbinski

    Now that there is a dust storm. 


  9. DUOPOD! 

    This looks so fun! 

    Click the pic to read all about it! 


  10. FUN! “Where and How to Begin a Film?”

    Q & A with The Coen Brothers, moderated by Noah Baumbauch.


  11. "Scrumptious L.A. with Malia Miglino"

    Episode 1 “Brownie Cookies” With Special Guest Sheila Daley! 

    Super cute project I got to edit and create titles for!

    Thanks so much to Luminave Films and Jenn Page for letting me be involved! 

  12. Watch:

    "The Fugitive" What do you do when your snake escapes its terrarium?

    First episode of Pet Bytez, an Exotic Pet Web Series for the Whole Family!

    Starring Amber and Dee Freeman!

    With Special Guest, Katherine Theresa Scott and of course, introducing Apep the Snake!

  13. Coolest discovery of the day! 

    "CameraSim" The online SLR Simulator!

    Practice using an SLR camera…

    1.Experiment with the lighting, ISO, aperture, shutter, and distance settings while observing the readings in the camera viewfinder

    2.Click the “Snap photo!” button.

    3. Review your photo!”

    Simple and FuN! 


  14. (Via Cinema5d)

    Recently released “CineStyle” is a logarhitmic Picture Profile for Canon V-DSLR cameras.
    Technicolor have created and today released for download a new S-Curve 3D LUT in the mga format that will work with Apple’s Color and LUT Buddy as well as other apps that support the .mga format lut.

    You can get the new S-Curve 3D LUT at the CineStyle DOWNLOAD PAGE
    LUT Buddy is a free Plugin by Red Giant Software which you can get HERE (Just fill out the form real quick)

    Note: for use with Apple Color you don’t need the LUT Buddy software. Just go to File –> Import –> Display LUT and choose the .mga file. If you don’t know how to go about using that LUT you might need to learn Apple Color and get into Color Grading first.

    Video by Zech on how to use LUT Buddy:

    Click here to view the embedded video.


  15. Our Moby Contest Submission!