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    New Crumplepop FX released! Works in FCP 6, 7 and X! 


  2. Fantastic piece by Christian Bell at!

    "6 Ways Film Directors Screw Editors"

    Some great information in there! Lets make our films better! 

    Click the pic to read the full article and please feel free to engage in the conversation going on in the comments! 


  3. Top 10 Voice Overs in Film

    A really awesome article from the on films that rely heavily on Voice-Over to tell the story.

    We’ve recently started re-editing a film after the first edit was lost due to a hard drive crash. (The computer hard drive AND the backup-Freak i know) I’ve got to be honest, it took over a year for me to want to get restarted on it, I was just so frustrated. One good thing about the whole experience though is that I get to go back and see all the footage with new eyes AND I get to edit it again with a whole year’s more of editing experience. It has been so cool so far. We’re even re-writing some of the voice over, hence the above article. SOOO looking forward to finishing this film. Don’t want to say too much about it yet but we’re thinking about an online release. Might even break it up and do it serial style. Either way I can’t wait to share it with you all! 

    So, what’s your favorite use of voice over in a film?


  4. "A word from Larry Jordan on FCP X"

    The highlights:

    ”* Rendering is now in the background and much faster because it harnesses the power of the GPU.
    * The 4 GB memory limit is gone – FCP will use as much RAM as you have installed on your system.
    * FCP X now uses all the processors on your system, not just one and a half.

    In addition, a flock of new features were added:
    * It supports editing video image sizes from standard definition up to 4K.
    * It uses fewer tools from the Tool palette (which is no longer there, by the way) by making the cursor smarter. WHERE you click something determines WHAT you can do with it.
    * A lot of existing features are jazzed up (linking and grouping are replaced by the much more elegant Clip Connection and Compound Clips)
    * While new features like the magnetic timeline, permanent audio sync and auto-metadata generation are flat-out stunning. “

    click the pic for more info! 


  5. yes please! 


  6. What to you do if you’ve just got dumped? Meet Millie.

    "Millie’s 101 Things" Shot on a T2i.

    A web series pilot I had the pleasure of editing just had it’s online release this morning. 

    About the show:

    After Millie’s 3 year relationship is ended via voicemail  and “armed with the realization that her relationship - and life in general - was more fantasy than reality, Millie sets out on a mission to replace her once naive outlook with ambition and as much self discovery as a girl can muster. 

    Thus “Millie’s 101 Things”  is born: a random list of things to complete in an effort to find amusement in an, otherwise, dim situation.  With the help of her best friend (and self proclaimed Ladies’ Man) Shane,  Millie is forced to connect to herself and the world around her, one adventure at a time. 

    This is one average girl’s, not-so-average way, of bouncing back.”

    Check it out and if you like it, please feel free to leave comments for the show’s creator over on their Facebook Fan Page.

    Oh and a big Happy Birthday to the star of the show, Desiree Abeyta!!!!

    Happy Thursday All! 


  7. 30 Video Editing Software and Online Tools

    by Kay at


  8. Final Cut Pro Tutorials from Izzy Video!


    He covers:

    An Overview of FCP

    Editing in FCp

    An In Depth Look

    Logging and Capturing

    Color Correction

    Media Management

    Outputting Video

    Advanced Editing

    Customizing Final Cut Pro to Meet Your Needs

    Important Techniques to Squeeze In

    IzzyVideo also has a pretty cool Youtube Channel! Check it out!


  9. Alright Editors, COOLEST GAME EVER!

    "Loop Raccord"

    "Loop Raccord" is a game created for the "Neverending Game" Experimental Gameplay Project´s challenge. It´s video editing game about synchronising a chain of video clips in order to create a continuous movement."

    Awesome Sauce, PluralGames! 


  10. "Coen Brothers: Editing True Grit"

    Awesome article from

    Check out why the Coen Brothers found FCP invaluable for getting True Grit out on time!


  11. The Social Network won an Oscar for Best Editing Sunday Night.

    A huge congrats to Editing Team Angus Wall and Kirk Baxter! Bravo!

    The Social Network was shot on the RED ONE and edited in Final Cut Pro.

    Check out this blog post from DigitalFilms over at Wordpress by Oliver Peters as he talks to them about their post workflow. 


  12. Larry Jordan says “I’ve Seen the New Version of Final Cut Pro….and it’s a jaw-dropper.”

    'Bout damn time APPLE. Just sayin' 

    If you’re not following LJ’s blog, click the pic and hit it up. Join the mailing list to get the latest FCP news too! 


  13. "Time lapse of a Television Editor"

    See Editors create a 1 Hour Episode of “Chuck” 



  14. Listen to editor Lisa Zeno Churgin (The Cider House Rules, House of Sand and Fog) talk about this year’s Oscar Noms for Editing. 



  15. Amazing study done by David Bordwell that provides an in depth look on where viewers pupils are drawn when watching a film. 


    (head over to the site to get links to the full study, definitely worth it filmmakers)