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  1. Into motion graphics as much as I am? Or just getting started? Either way, check out

    Smashing Magazine’s “Ultimate Motion Graphics Tutorials Round Up” 

    Great tutorials all linked in one place! Thanks you guys! 

    Click the pic for the full article!



    New Crumplepop FX released! Works in FCP 6, 7 and X! 


  3. Fantastic piece by Christian Bell at!

    "6 Ways Film Directors Screw Editors"

    Some great information in there! Lets make our films better! 

    Click the pic to read the full article and please feel free to engage in the conversation going on in the comments! 


  4. TUTORIAL: “FCP TIP: Use COLOR as a Broadcast Safe Filter” from Walter Biscardi.

    Final Cut Studio owners have one of THE best broadcast safe filters on the market for the Mac. It’s called Apple Color.”


  5. "Graveyard Carz shot on Canon DSLR’s and edited in FCP"

    Pretty rad article from Digital Post Productions John Virata about why “Graveyard Carz” decided to shoot their reality TV show on DSLR’s.

    From the article:

    After hearing about the 5D MK II and the 7D, and seeing demos on the web, we fell in love,” Faris said. “We loved that they can use just about any lens (with adapters) and that they use CF cards, which is a lot easier than logging a tape, waiting for it to ingest, and then finally going through and being able to edit. It’s as easy as drag and drop, and we like that. Another huge plus to the DSLRs is their low light performance. We can shoot in near darkness with very little noise. We are often walking through a field looking at prospective cars, and then go into a shed with no lights. What used to take us half an hour to set up lighting, now takes a simple change in ISO settings. And the shallow depth of field looks awesome.”

    Click the pic and read the whole article! 


  6. Final Cut Pro Tutorials from Izzy Video!


    He covers:

    An Overview of FCP

    Editing in FCp

    An In Depth Look

    Logging and Capturing

    Color Correction

    Media Management

    Outputting Video

    Advanced Editing

    Customizing Final Cut Pro to Meet Your Needs

    Important Techniques to Squeeze In

    IzzyVideo also has a pretty cool Youtube Channel! Check it out!


  7. Alright Editors, COOLEST GAME EVER!

    "Loop Raccord"

    "Loop Raccord" is a game created for the "Neverending Game" Experimental Gameplay Project´s challenge. It´s video editing game about synchronising a chain of video clips in order to create a continuous movement."

    Awesome Sauce, PluralGames! 


  8. "Coen Brothers: Editing True Grit"

    Awesome article from

    Check out why the Coen Brothers found FCP invaluable for getting True Grit out on time!


  9. As an editor you really should know how to use all of the editing platforms out there. With that said, you’re still going to probably have your favorite.  They all have their strengths and weaknesses and in the end it really comes down to using what you are most comfortable with. I’ve tried my hand at AVID and Premier Pro and even back in the day a little Pinnacle action =) but I still love me some Final Cut Pro. To each his own, yeah? 

    Check out this wonderful comparison article (with tests) from Paul Joy on encoding HDSLR footage with Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro. Not only that, check out the great conversation that follows in the comments section.

    Big Kudos to Adobe for listening to the people. 

    So, What’s your weapon of choice Editors? 


  10. The Social Network won an Oscar for Best Editing Sunday Night.

    A huge congrats to Editing Team Angus Wall and Kirk Baxter! Bravo!

    The Social Network was shot on the RED ONE and edited in Final Cut Pro.

    Check out this blog post from DigitalFilms over at Wordpress by Oliver Peters as he talks to them about their post workflow. 


  11. Larry Jordan says “I’ve Seen the New Version of Final Cut Pro….and it’s a jaw-dropper.”

    'Bout damn time APPLE. Just sayin' 

    If you’re not following LJ’s blog, click the pic and hit it up. Join the mailing list to get the latest FCP news too! 


  12. "Whitehouse Timeline" by Gentlemen Scholar.

    So inspiring. See what you can do when you put your mind to it!

    Thanks for the tip Jay Tothe! =)


  13. "Off the Charts: Another Conversation with Film Editor Michael Miller"

    Lovely blog post from “Sergio Leone and the Infield Fly Rule” 

    It’s a great interview with film editor Michael Miller. (Raising Arizona, Ghost World, Miller’s Crossing). 

    Check it out!


  14. Larry Jordan announces the release of the first 10 of more than 60 Final Cut tutorials now available on his Youtube channel! 

    Click the pic to check it out! 

    Just love you Larry! Thanks so much!


  15. Fun list of Color Correction Tutorials for your DSLR footage!

    Thanks slrHQ.Com!!!