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  1. "John Carter of Mars" Trailer is out.

     What do we think ERB fans?  #Barsoom


  2. FUN! “Where and How to Begin a Film?”

    Q & A with The Coen Brothers, moderated by Noah Baumbauch.


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  4. Larry Jordan says “I’ve Seen the New Version of Final Cut Pro….and it’s a jaw-dropper.”

    'Bout damn time APPLE. Just sayin' 

    If you’re not following LJ’s blog, click the pic and hit it up. Join the mailing list to get the latest FCP news too! 


  5. "Cinematography: Framing & Shot Duration"

    Fun article from the folks at  FILM1401-“I don’t know where the artificial stops and the real starts”-Andy Warhol wordpress blog!

    AND With examples! Above is the intro to the movie “Closer” one of my favorite openings to a film. 

    Don’t miss out on their second part about framing and lighting!

    Thanks film1401!


  6. Great post from Jacques Thelemaque over at his blog “a filmmaker’s life" at! He chronicles his adventures at Sundance this year! Scroll down from that post and there’s an earlier one about the "5 New Funding Models for Filmmakers" that’s pretty awesome as well!

    Thanks Jacques! 


  7. If you’re like me, you probably love everything Zombies! I mean come on, who doesn’t????When The Walking Dead came to AMC two weeks ago, I was sooo ready. I had been greedily devouring everything about it since AMC first announced they were greenlighting the project. Zombie lovers have been waiting for a show to come to the small screen for a long, long time. And I have to admit I AM SOOOOO glad that this is the first and that it’s set the bar so high. Kudos AMC. Seriously. My favorite part so far has been the make up and special effects, Zombie fans can go both ways, we love cheesy effects much more than the next guy (or ghoul) but we also are the first to sit up straight when it is done oh so right. 

    And now on to the good stuff! Wait for It….The Walking Dead was shot on 16mm! Here’s a great article from  about how DP, David Boyd (and his team) “Makes Horror Work in Broad Daylight.” Click the Pic to read the full article of Awesomeness.


  8. Another good one from

    10 Things Every Camera Assistant Should Know About the RED Camera

    I won’t give anything away! =) Check it out!


  9. Interesting video from Panasonic!

    EDITED 10/21 :Except their Math is wrong! Head over to to get the scoop! 


  10. Gifts for your Shutterbug mates! A ZOOM LENS COFFEE MUG! (or make yourself some hot cocoa; also can be a planter; a place to organize your paper clips; perhaps hold your wayward pens; secretly store jolly ranchers? teehee! it’s so versatile!)