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  1. Episode 3 of Partners in Pretension is LIVE!

    "How to Handle Adversity" 

    Edited by me and my other half at Longlost Pictures!


  2. FUN! “Where and How to Begin a Film?”

    Q & A with The Coen Brothers, moderated by Noah Baumbauch.


  3. New Vimeo Video School Lesson! 3-Point Lighting! Check it out!  Just love these!


  4. Great tips for recording audio from They cover the proper positioning for your boom mic (see above), how to keep your audio warm, and how to record successful voiceovers without a booth! Click the pic and check it out!

    P.s. Really though, don’t let audio be an afterthought, it’s so important. You might have a beautiful film but if the audio sucks the viewer will be taken right out of it. Editors can only do so much in post. Trust me. 


  5. Howcast:Vlogger Wanted!

    New contest over at Howcast!

    Requirements to enter:

    Fun, dynamic personality
    Great on-camera presence
    Availability to work in Howcast’s NYC office at least 2 days each week
    Minimum one year commitment
    Video shooting and editing expertise, experience with Final Cut Pro or comparable editing software
    Bonus: After Effects experience

     Do you have what it takes? 


  6. All my friends know how excited I was to see “Monsters” at the LA FILM FEST this past year. I was even more excited when the director, Gareth Edwards gave a Q&A after the show and I found out he did all the special effects himself in his basement. BIG KUDOS TO HIM!  

    Here is a short video talking about how he managed to create some of the effects. 

    As a horror/sci fi nut and filmmaker to boot, “Monsters” is one of the most inspiring movies of this year, onscreen and behind the scenes.

    It’s currently been pre-released on Zune via XBOX. Seriously, go watch it now. 

    Happy Halloween Everyone!



  7. Eric Kim writes a great blog with a wealth of information! Check out his list “101 Things I Have Learned about Street Photography” 

    Now go out there and apply it!