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  1. DUOPOD! 

    This looks so fun! 

    Click the pic to read all about it! 


  2. HOLY CRAP! Photojojo does it again!  This is so cool!

    An Adapter that lets you use your DSLR lenses on your Iphone! WOOT WOOT! 

    No more excuses filmmakers! =) 


  3. Been writing your own material lately? 

    Check out this great article from The Script Lab “Five Plot Point Breakdowns”

    Really inspired me to breakdown my film’s structure and figure out where I have some weak points to work on! 

    Thanks tSL! 


  4. Fantastic piece by Christian Bell at!

    "6 Ways Film Directors Screw Editors"

    Some great information in there! Lets make our films better! 

    Click the pic to read the full article and please feel free to engage in the conversation going on in the comments! 


  5. via Film Courage

    "The TO DON’T LIST"

    A fantastic list of things not to do when you’re making a film by writer/producers Sam Ingraffia and Doug Burch! 

    Click the pic to Check it out filmmakers! 


  6. Advanced Zombie Makeup Tutorial!!!!!


  7. WOOOT! New episodes of SOLO the Series Coming Soon!

    Check out the new trailer!!!

    ZOMG! SO exciting!!! Grats everyone involved!!!! I can’t wait! 


  8. Just found an awesome new blog to follow called DIYSUCKS! LOL! 

    It’s about how independent filmmaking is NOT for the faint of heart. 

    The “I love you Philip Morris” trailer above is from yesterday’s post “the two most important things in marketing an indie film”…..the poster and the trailer!

    Check it out and show them some love and appreciation by joining in the conversation!


  9. 30 Video Editing Software and Online Tools

    by Kay at


  10. "An HDSLR Masterclass with Dr. Bob Arnot"

    Fantastic series of of Instructional Videos from New York Film Academy. 


    Part 1: Setting your exposure

    Part 2: Selecting Picture Profile

    Part 3: Selecting Color Scheme

    Part 4: Selecting Frame Rate

    Part 5: Selecting Field of View

    Part 6: Setting your Lights

    Part 7: Setting your ISO

    Part 8: Composing Your Shot


  11. "Power to the People: The Democratization of Film"

    Great article by Jeff Steele over at

    Fall Pillars Fall! =)

    Click the pic to read the full piece!