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  1. Love Harry Potter? Excited about the last movie?

    My friends got to see an early sneak peak!  Check out their review! 


  2. So Producer, Actress and WONDERFUL friend, Liz Brown (  and I discussed over the weekend and over a lovely glass of wine, the extension Obama just signed “The Tax Relief, Unemployment Insurance Reauthorization and Jobs Creation Act of 2010” and how it applies to filmmakers! Thank god Liz is in my life because she then wrote this fabulous blog “Breaking Down the Bill" explaining things in terms that simple people (cough cough *me*) can understand!

    Liz You ROCK! 

    We encourage discussion too! So feel free to chime in! 

    Click to the pic to read the original PDF of the bill! Enjoy!


  3. WOOT! The BIG Premiere of the Unemployment of Danny London was today! The creator and director Doug Cwiak is one really talented dude! It is hysterical!!!!!! Can’t wait to see Episode 2!

    p.s. the commercial in the beginning was one of first projects we got to be a part of when we got to L.A. We got to drive around for hours looking for a good way to steal a shot of the L.A. downtown skyline. Let’s just say we figured our way around that day. 

    A big THANK YOU to Jenn Page, our director and producer over at Luminave Films.

    A big shout out to Jerry Streeter for the use of his music.

    And the actors! Liz Brown, Rydell Danzie, Keith Johnson, David Burland, Christina and Skyla You all ROCK!!!! I love you all so much! 

    Thanks Doug for letting us be a part of it all! It was magic!